Monday, November 17, 2014

Virginia to Stone Mountain and Ashburn, Georgia

We left Virginia on October 21st and headed south. Before we left highway 58 in Virginia, WAZE told us there was an accident on I-75 and that we should re-route. We had planned to stop for lunch as soon as we entered NC, so I ignored WAZE thinking the accident would be clear before we go there. So, there was a rest stop just a couple of miles in NC and we stopped. Shortly after opening the RV and walking Maggie, we noticed the traffic slowing on I-75 south. There was also the noticeable absence of traffic on the northbound side. Soon, the southbound traffic was backed up to the rest stop and we knew we had plenty of time to eat! LOL! I assumed the trucker that pulled in next to us would have heard something on his CB radio, so I went over to ask him. He said he hadn’t had his radio on because he was conducting business on his phone. Hmmm…maybe that’s why those big trucks wander all over the road! I then used my phone to GOOGLE the accident and found that a Tractor Trailer had roll over onto two cars on the northbound side. The Police had shut down traffic on the southbound side so the hospital helicopters could use the area for landing and takeoff. Shortly after finishing lunch, we decided to take a walk up to a picnic table in the shade and wait for the traffic to start moving. No sooner had we sat down, the traffic started moving. We loaded up and joined the traffic which really cleared up fast.  
We didn’t want to make the whole trip to Stone Mountain on one day, so we stopped at Yates Family Campground in Harrisburg, NC. It’s a small campground close to I-75 and the price was right. $20.00 for the night for full hookup and WiFi! The Charlotte Motor Speedway is right there, so it could have been noisy; but there was no racing while we were there. In order to facilitate easy hookup, we chose to slip in between two other campers for a very tight fit. However, we were only spending the night and I wasn’t going to unhook the truck. Mr. Yates was very friendly and helpful. Can you find us in the first pic? Yup. That's us in the middle.


The next morning, we got a fairly early start and drove to Stone Mountain. This was our annual fall rally with the Southeast Family Campers Group. We’ve known these wonderful people for several years now and meet at least once a year. We should make it more often! We got set up and mingled with those that were already there. More would be arriving Thursday and Friday. One night we counted 38 around the campfire so we must have had somewhere in the low 40’s attending this year. Needless to say, we had a great time catching up, socializing, sightseeing, and sharing meals. One day we went on the Duck Boat ride and had a great time. Here's Jimmy and Sheila on the Duck Boat blowing their Quackers!
Friday night, we had our potluck dinner which was the meal of all meals! As always, it was phenomenal! Unfortunately, all good things must end and our SE Family Camper friends started heading back home. Here's a link to more pics! Click this here link
Tuesday, 10/28, we left Stone Mountain and headed to Ashburn, GA at Carroll’s Sausage and Country Store. Carroll’s is known for their meats, but they also just happen to have a 20 site campground to the south of the store. It’s nothing fancy, but they have full hookup and good WiFi. There are two campers here that belong to some construction workers and we hardly ever see them. I think we have enough room! There are the occasional over-nighters that spend one night, but we haven’t seen more than 3 at one time. Most of the time, we are all by ourselves here.

Here's another angle.
 Famous people with the famous peanut that we see every time we walk out the door!

Maggie likes it here because we don’t use the harness and leash when we let her out. And, she has a lot of room to run. I rode the perimeter of the property on my bike to measure it with the odometer and it measure 0.69 of a mile. There is a stage at one end of the property and this weekend they are having a concert. This Saturday, Austin French will be singing. However, we didn't plan to attend since it was going to be too cold and the stage is outdoors. The concert ended at 10:00 PM, so it wasn't too bad. We did hear the lower frequency sounds in the RV and it got a bit loud at times.

The Ashburn Post Office is kinda cool in that the building was built in 1939. Other places seem to build new post office buildings every few years.

We stayed here in Ashburn to rest up from the hectic traveling pace and to take care of some chores. For instance, the truck had not been cleaned or waxed since we got it and the camper hadn't been cleaned and waxed in close to a year. So, I got all of that done.

Today, we had a cold front move through. This is the second time since we have been here and each time brought a lot of wind. Although we rock a bit, our 16,500 pounds is pretty stable. Tomorrow morning we are expecting temps in the mid 20's! I guess we'll see how good our insulation is!

Here is another link to pics that we took here at Ashburn: Clicky thing

Thursday, 11/20/14, we will leave here and go to the KOA in Kingsland, GA. The Saint Marys / Kingsland area is “home” for us and we’ll spend time with family, including Thanksgiving. We’ll be here until 12/18/14.